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Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
ポンス[ponsu] (n) (1) juice pressed from a bitter orange (dut [Add to Longdo]
レスポンス;リスポンス[resuponsu ; risuponsu] (n,vs) response [Add to Longdo]
レスポンスPDU[レスポンスピーディーユー, resuponsupi-dei-yu-] (n) {comp} response PDU [Add to Longdo]
レスポンスタイム[resuponsutaimu] (n) {comp} response time [Add to Longdo]
レスポンスフレーム[resuponsufure-mu] (n) {comp} response frame [Add to Longdo]
非番号制レスポンス[ひばんごうせいレスポンス, hibangousei resuponsu] (n) {comp} unnumbered responses [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-English: COMPDICT Dictionary
レスポンス[れすぽんす, resuponsu] response [Add to Longdo]
レスポンスPDU[れすぽんす PDU, resuponsu PDU] response PDU [Add to Longdo]
レスポンスタイム[れすぽんすたいむ, resuponsutaimu] response time [Add to Longdo]
レスポンスフレーム[れすぽんすふれーむ, resuponsufure-mu] response frame [Add to Longdo]
非番号制レスポンス[ひばんごうせいれすぽんす, hibangouseiresuponsu] unnumbered responses [Add to Longdo]

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