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Chinese Characters: Make-Me-a-Hanzi Dictionary
[朝, cháo, ㄔㄠˊ] to face; direct, facing; dynasty; morning
Radical: , Decomposition:   龺 [gān, ㄍㄢ]  月 [yuè, ㄩㄝˋ]
Etymology: [pictophonetic] moon, Rank: 593

Chinese-English: CC-CEDICT Dictionary
[cháo, ㄔㄠˊ, ] to face; towards; facing; direct; a dynasty; the imperial court; (abbr.) Korea, esp. N. Korea, #1,450 [Add to Longdo]
[zhāo, ㄓㄠ, ] morning, #1,450 [Add to Longdo]
[Cháo xiǎn, ㄔㄠˊ ㄒㄧㄢˇ, / ] Korea; North Korea; geographic term for Korea, #1,919 [Add to Longdo]
[cháo tíng, ㄔㄠˊ ㄊㄧㄥˊ, ] court; imperial household; dynasty, #6,772 [Add to Longdo]
[wáng cháo, ㄨㄤˊ ㄔㄠˊ, ] dynasty, #9,918 [Add to Longdo]
[Cháo yáng, ㄔㄠˊ ㄧㄤˊ, / ] Chaoyang district in east and northeast Beijing, a county level district of Beijing municipality; Chaoyang prefecture level city in Liaoning province 遼寧省|辽宁省 in northeast China; Chaoyang district of Changchun city 長春市|长春市, Jilin; Chaoyang county in Chaoya, #11,524 [Add to Longdo]
[cháo yáng, ㄔㄠˊ ㄧㄤˊ, / ] exposed to the sun; (a position) facing the sun, #11,524 [Add to Longdo]
[zhāo yáng, ㄓㄠ ㄧㄤˊ, / ] the morning sun, #11,524 [Add to Longdo]
阳区[Cháo yáng qū, ㄔㄠˊ ㄧㄤˊ ㄑㄩ, / ] Chaoyang district in east and northeast Beijing, a county level district of Beijing municipality; Chaoyang district of Changchun city 長春市|长春市, Jilin, #12,565 [Add to Longdo]
[Míng cháo, ㄇㄧㄥˊ ㄔㄠˊ, ] Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), #12,984 [Add to Longdo]

Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary
[ちょうしょく, choushoku] (n) อาหารเช้า
[ちょうせん, chousen] (n, name) เกาหลี
鮮人民共和国[ちょうせんじんみんきょうわこく, chousenjinminkyouwakoku] (n, name) สาธารณรัฐประชาชนเกาหลี (หมายถึง เกาหลีเหนือ)

Japanese-Thai: Longdo Dictionary (UNAPPROVED version -- use with care )
日新聞[あさひしんぶん, asahishinbun] (n, name, org, uniq) ชื่อของหนังสือพิมพ์ญี่ปุ่น
[あさひ, asahi] (n) อาทิตย์ในยามเช้า
[ちょうかい, choukai] (n) การประชุมเช้า
[あさ, asa, asa , asa] (n, abbrev) ตอนเช้า
ごはん[あさごはん, asagohan, asagohan , asagohan] (n, adv) อาหารเช้า

Japanese-Thai-English: Saikam Dictionary
[あさ, asa] TH: เวลาเช้าของวันอื่นที่ไม่ใช่วันนี้  EN: morning
[あさね, asane] TH: นอนตื่นสาย  EN: sleeping late in the morning

Japanese-English: EDICT Dictionary
[ちょう, chou] (n-adv,n-t) morning; (P) [Add to Longdo]
[ちょう, chou] (n,suf) (1) dynasty; (2) reign; (3) period; epoch; age; (4) court [Add to Longdo]
々暮々;暮暮[ちょうちょうぼぼ, chouchoubobo] (adv) every morning and evening [Add to Longdo]
ご飯(P);御飯(P);ごはん[あさごはん, asagohan] (n) breakfast; (P) [Add to Longdo]
っぱら[あさっぱら, asappara] (n) in the early morning [Add to Longdo]
っぱらから[あさっぱらから, asapparakara] (exp) early in the morning [Add to Longdo]
[あさなあさな, asanaasana] (adv,n) every morning [Add to Longdo]
な夕な[あさなゆうな, asanayuuna] (n-adv,n-t) morning and evening [Add to Longdo]
の露[あしたのつゆ, ashitanotsuyu] (exp) (arch) (See 露) morning dew [Add to Longdo]
ぼらけ[あさぼらけ, asaborake] (n) light of dawn; daybreak [Add to Longdo]

Tanaka JP-EN Corpus w/ local updates (ตัวอย่างประโยค)
"How are you feeling this morning?" "Pretty good, thanks."「今は調子かいかがですか」「かなりいいですよ、ありがとう」
Breakfast will not be served after ten o'clock.10時以降に食は出されないだろう。
One October morning in 1987, Stephen Hawking sat before his computer.1987年10月のある、ステイブン・ホーキングは自分のコンピューターの前に座っていた。
The alarm was heard ringing at an early hour on the second floor.2階で早い時間に警報器が鳴っているのが聞こえた。
Could you bring my breakfast to room 305?305号室に食をお願いできますか。
It is a cold morning for June.6月にしては寒いだ。
I'd like breakfast in my room at 8 sharp.8時きっかりに、自分の部屋で食を食べたいんだ。
Unfortunately I hit the morning rush hour.あいにくの通勤ラッシュにぶつかった。
Iris, what do you usually eat for breakfast?アイリス、君は普段食は何を食べているの? [M]
Do not oversleep tomorrow morning.あしたのは寝過ごさないようにしなさい。
I'll call for you at 8 tomorrow morning.あした8時に誘いに来るよ。
I'll do that first thing in the morning.あすのまっさきにそれを片付けます。

Japanese-German: JDDICT Dictionary
[ちょう, chou] Morgen [Add to Longdo]
[ちょう, chou] MORGEN, DYNASTIE [Add to Longdo]
寝坊[あさねぼう, asanebou] spaet_aufstehen [Add to Longdo]
[あさひ, asahi] Morgensonne [Add to Longdo]
[あさばん, asaban] morgens_und_abends [Add to Longdo]
[あさぎり, asagiri] Morgennebel [Add to Longdo]
[あさつゆ, asatsuyu] Morgentau [Add to Longdo]
[ちょうしょく, choushoku] Fruehstueck [Add to Longdo]
[ちょうせん, chousen] Korea [Add to Longdo]

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